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Do you have a strategy for growth, but the business is struggling to execute? I help leaders like you solve the big problems that are getting in the way. Problems that impede growth, mute performance, and diminish results. Ready to build the capabilities you need to deliver the results you want?

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The MCG Way

The goal is simple: help you better execute your strategy, improve performance, and deliver stronger results. MCG digs in to identify the barriers to strategy execution and builds solutions and plans to achieve breakthrough performance.

We reach the goal following the MCG Way – an integration of our Core Values, Process, and Approach proven to create value and deliver sustainable success.

MCG Core Values

  1. Never ask for trust. Earn it. Do not lean on bold promises or the glory of past performance. Focus on the value at large and get to work.
  2. Act like an owner. Be a steward of the client’s businesses by creating value greater than the cost of working together. Behave like a partner without equity.
  3. Relentlessly reinvent. Commit to lifelong learning and a growth-mindset. You cannot help clients reinvent their businesses if you do not invest in and challenge yourself.
  4. Invest in relationships. Openly share ideas and perspectives. Monetizing every interaction narrows the scope of partnership and myopia starves value creation.
  5. Be willing to lose the business. Provide an honest, candid, and constructive external perspective, even when it creates discomfort or resistance. Be willing to pay a high cost of candor.

MCG Process

  1. Start with where you are. We apply a proven discovery process to understand where you are today, where you want to go, what is working, and where efforts are stalling.
  2. Validate and articulate the problem to be solved. We revisit the problem to be solved to get clear on the outcome you want and the value realized when you get there.
  3. Design the solution and path forward. We partner to design the capabilities you need to execute your strategy, and develop a pragmatic, action-oriented roadmap to get the business moving.
  4. Ready the business for change. We assess the magnitude of change from the current to future state and plan accordingly. We surface the gaps that could jeopardize the effort and build a plan to address them.
  5. Make it happen. We align the organization, launch the solution, and execute the plan including management of risks, monitoring of pace and milestones, and measurement of value created.

MCG Approach

  1. Begin with the end in mind. Start with the value you want to create. Much is lost by generating motion without a clear sense of where you wish to go and what you hope to gain.
  2. Process first, always. Business success is enabled by process, not encumbered by it. Build and deploy processes perfectly designed to generate the outcomes you want.
  3. Appreciate the system. Businesses are complex and no unit, process, or person operates in a vacuum. Fix systemic issues - do not chase symptoms.
  4. Rigor without rigidity. Strike the balance and unlock the potential to execute without suffocating the ability to innovate.
  5. Top shelf, not off the shelf. Create bespoke strategies that leverage leading practices and battle-tested experience while adapting them to the unique needs and goals of your organization.

Who MCG Helps

MCG serves small- and middle-market businesses across multiple industries including agribusiness, food processing and production, animal feed, and manufacturing.
Successful clients are those share MCG’s values and exhibit the following characteristics:
  • They have the learning and strategic agility to try new ways of working.
  • They have an adaptive organizational culture and demonstrated appetite for change.
  • They have their sights set on growth and are willing to invest in capabilities to fuel it.
  • They have decision rights and are willing to use them.
  • They have a bias for action and are willing to take calculated risks.
  • They have the confidence to trust the process: build pragmatically, apply rigorously, and challenge productively.

Meet Joe

Joe Mosher

Founder & Principal Advisor

Over more than two decades, I have had the good fortune to build a challenging and diversified career in agribusiness with experiences in management consulting, plant operations, process improvement, internal process control auditing, global risk and assurance. Most recently from 2008 to 2021, I held senior roles at Cargill, Inc., a privately held firm serving food, agriculture, financial, and industrial customers with more than 1,200 facilities across nearly 70 countries. I hold a bachelor’s in political science specializing in economic development, and a master’s in organization development, from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

I founded Mosher Consulting Group on the operating thesis that extending access to strategy execution advisory services beyond large firms and multinationals addresses an unmet need in the market. Small- and middle-market businesses are essential to a growing and prosperous U.S. economy, yet they disproportionately suffer from economic slowdowns and downturns. The Mosher Consulting Group is my commitment to supporting the sustainable growth and success of this sector of the economy.

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Past client successes include:

  • Improved prioritization and execution of $50M in annual capital investment following design and launch of enterprise Portfolio Management Office (PMO).
  • Increased retention and manufacturing performance of more than 2,500 production associates following design and implementation of multi-site HR transformation.
  • Realized 25% process efficiency gains and annualized cost savings of $2.4M following deployment of a comprehensive risk assurance program and digitalization strategy.