We help food & agribusiness leaders de-risk M&A strategy and exceed their growth goals

The Problem with M&A

Here's the cold, hard truth: mergers & acquisitions (M&A) in the food and agribusiness sectors are tough. M&A is viewed as an accelerant to growth — an express lane — but there is a downside. Once you get on the expressway, things move fast, and there are few off ramps. In fact, many M&A deals destroy more value than they create.

For most food and agribusiness executives performing M&A, integration is an afterthought. There are so many moving pieces in an integration, they don't know where to start:

  • What's the integration going to look like?
  • How long is this going to take?
  • How do we avoid making stupid decisions?
  • Who's going to be involved?
  • How do we avoid wasting time and/or money?
  • Why are we doing this again?
  • Can we actually pull this thing off?
  • What if we get it wrong?
  • What does it mean to our customers, suppliers, and our employees if this goes sideways?

A failed M&A integration sets the company back years. It creates performance and financial pressure that didn't exist before the deal, leaves leadership doubting themselves, and results in a business hesitant to drive bold and innovative strategy.

  • Your employee and customer confidence erodes
  • Your credibility as a leader is crushed
  • You lose ground to traditional and emerging competitors
  • And your poorly executed deal consumes capital with subpar returns

Don't wait another second. You owe it to your team, customers, suppliers, and community to ensure your M&A deal creates value with minimal disruption. Book your call now and we'll create an Integration Readiness Roadmap you can use to get started.

What We Do

Mosher Consulting Group gives you everything you need to complete a successful and profitable M&A integration:

  • Confidence that comes with using a proven process
  • Clear-eyed view of your company's readiness for the demands of integration
  • Greater trust and alignment among your leadership team
  • Clarity on the Minimum Viable Integration needed to hit your goals and thrill your customers
  • Integration plan using leading practices, but customized to your needs

Our Core Values

  • Never ask for trust. Earn it.

    Don't lean on bold promises or the glory of past performance. Focus on the value at large and get to work.
  • Act like an owner.

    Be a steward of the client's businesses by creating value greater than the cost of working together. Behave like a partner without equity.
  • Relentlessly reinvent.

    Commit to lifelong learning and a growth-mindset. You cannot help clients reinvent their businesses if you do not invest in yourself.
  • Invest in relationships.

    Openly share ideas and perspectives. Monetizing every interaction narrows the scope of partnership and myopia starves value creation.
  • Be willing to lose the business.

    Provide a candid, and constructive external perspective, even when it creates discomfort or resistance. Be willing to pay a high cost of candor.

Integration Pacesetter™

Looking to complete your M&A integration with better results in less time and less disruption? Download our white paper to learn more about our proven process, Integration Pacesetter™, and how it can help you dramatically improve your M&A readiness and outcomes.

Why Work with Us?

As experienced M&A integration veterans, we help food and agribusiness companies successfully execute strategy to:

  • Achieve growth objectives and lead the market
  • Create greater trust and alignment among their leadership team
  • Set their people up for future success
  • Preserve company core values and culture during periods of high growth
  • Be a respected member of their industry and community

We handle the entire process. From:

  1. Design of your integration operating model and performance metrics
  2. Clarity around customer requirements for integration success
  3. Definition of your Minimum Viable Integration
  4. Development of your integration plan (objectives, tasks, resources, timelines)
  5. Tech-enabled integration plan project management and real-time monitoring dashboards

What separates us is that we understand what it’s like to live within the four walls of a business. We know what it’s like to see all the opportunities available yet struggle to execute as they seem out of reach. We know you need action, not theory or tactics from a consultant.

Not only do we help with your M&A integration, we help you drive growth by:

  • Transforming your firm's operating model
  • Highlighting where to improve your business process effectiveness
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance performance through organizational design
  • Developing processes to ensure your investment planning reflects your strategy
  • Building the capability to know you are doing the right projects and doing them the right way

What Our Clients Say

“Joe was right sized for us. He had the technical know-how, experience, and ag-based business acumen to get us where we needed to go.

He truly wanted to work with us, behaved like an extension of our team, was an exceptional communicator, and brought positivity to the hard work of integration. This is not just a job for Joe – he loves what he does. The process works. Joe set us up for success, held us accountable, and I would recommend him without hesitation.”

Mac Ehrhardt, President & Owner of Albert Lea Seed

“Joe's approach was not just a success, but transformational for the organization.

His impact was apparent as various senior leaders reached out to him for informal counsel or direct support when struggling to drive strategy. With experience across a wide variety of company sizes, he has a unique talent to pragmatically bring big company practices to life in smaller entities. Throughout the project, Joe maintained a steady focus on delivering results and value above any personal agenda or benefit."

Scott Graham, Chief Operating Officer of Hilmar Cheese Company

“Joe challenged us to look differently at our business and enabled us to build stronger conviction in the direction we needed to grow and capabilities we needed to develop.

While our project focused on driving improvements in our operational performance, Joe's impact was far greater and essential to successfully delivering on a strategic realignment of our operating model. His leadership was instrumental to a number of business imperatives including our process ownership strategy, rationalizing our asset footprint, and making structural changes to the organization.”

Andres C, Chief Executive Officer

How It All Works

Step 1. Book a call

Step 2. Create your very own Integration Readiness Roadmap

Step 3. Execute your strategy, grow the business, and deliver superior results

Joe Mosher

Founder & Principal Advisor

Hi, I’m Joe Mosher, founder of Mosher Consulting Group and The Integration Pacesetter. We help food and agribusiness companies scale their business, deliver profitable results, set their people up for future success, all while preserving the core and culture of what your business stands for.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been supporting food and agribusiness executives in executing their strategy and realizing their value from their M&A activities. We are hyper focused on the small to middle market food and agribusiness sector — it’s what we know and what we love.

We don’t just talk that talk, we walk the walk. We’ve spent the majority of our careers working within food and agribusiness companies — not as external advisors, but as business operators.

We’ve lead strategy execution from a variety of perspectives including:

  • Plant Operations
  • Finance
  • Risk & Assurance
  • Process Improvement
  • Organization Effectiveness
  • And Business Transformation

Because we’ve been in the business, we know how hard it is to get strategy and M&A execution right. We’ve been through brutal harvests, major quality and inventory issues, supplier and customer disputes, plant closures, business turnarounds, and challenging acquisitions. We know how tough it is to manage the dual mandate of driving value creation through growth, while ensuring value preservation by defending the existing business.

Since we are seasoned business leaders — NOT career consultants — we speak from experience, not untested theories.

That’s why privately owned food and agribusiness executives trust Mosher Consulting Group to generate more profits, increase their bottom line, and change the growth trajectory of their business forever.